Hello and welcome to the Focus Training Systems eLearning portal. During these times of gym closures across the country, we will using this online platform so that we can continue to help as much people as possible in the current state of the world.

This online portal will cover:

At Home Workouts / Meditation / eBooks & Written Content / Exclusive Video Content / Nutrition Tips & Guidance (relevant to the Covid-19 restrictions i.e. Controlling Calories, Food Volume, Being Less Active.)

*No Contracts. No Cancellation Terms.


FTS Elemental Ebooks

The original Focus philosophy has been segmented into these four manageable Elemental Scrolls. The purpose of each Scroll is to make the concepts easier to absorb and more relatable. It is with this focused attention to detail that you, the reader will be able to then physically and mentally apply what is contained in these pages. There is no single, simple answer to the variables that exist when attempting to morph the physical form. It takes a blend of concepts, sciences and philosophies to forge the physical and mental components into a singular energetic expression desired by you.

  • Water Scroll Ebook - Break the flow of old, ineffective training methods with a new depth of fitness methodology.

  • Earth Scroll Ebook - Stabilize your training with powerful new information that binds with your body to initiate new growth and development.

  • Fire Scroll Ebook Ignite a trail in personal achievements with physical fitness concepts that forge your body in a unique, modern way.

  • Air Scroll Ebook - Embark on a mental journey that opens your fitness mind to thought patterns and realities not previously there.

Home Workouts

Gain access to FTS Home Workout solutions and gain understanding on how to stimulate muscle fibres effectively with minimal or no gym equipment.

  • Body Weight Techniques
  • Utilisation of your Surroundings
  • Being Smart & Effective with your exercise choices
  • Mind Muscle Connection


Understand the importance of meditation and walk through effect meditation practices with Travis. Meditation is a very important aspect in cognitive alignment.

  • Video Content
  • Understanding Meditation
  • Putting Meditation Into Practice
  • Visualisation Exercises

Nutrition Guidance

Given the current circumstance we strongly recommend focusing on the things you can controls and disregard the things you cannot control.

Nutrition is most certainly the biggest thing that you can control during these difficult times. We will be providing information on how you can adjust overcome weight gain during the gym closures.

  • Nutrition Overview
  • How To Track Foods
  • Food Volume
  • Macro Nutrition Distribution
  • Adaptation to Current Situation
  • Immune System Support

Exclusive FTS Video Content

Added to this subscription, there will be exclusive videos added covering various topics, philosophy & even Q&A sessions.

  • Various Topics
  • Philosophy
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Theoretical Discussions